Karlugh Turk


Establishment of Pakhli Sarkar

Tha Karlugh Turk,having a central Asian orging,became the ruling class of (Hazara Division) and maintain this until the 18 th century (1703). Thay formed a Turki Shahi state with the arrivel of Sultan-ud Din from (Kabul) who established his rule in the entire(Hazara Division Pakhli) region.This state came to be knoen as (Pakhil)Sarkar with Guli Bagh as its capital.Locals always called them Rajs,but thay contiued to use the title of Sultan till end of their rule in Hazara.however ,later on.when their rule came to an end thay assumed the titleof ”Raja” a name given to ti their anscestors by the locals.However ,samall population of Turks retained “”usmani”and “khan”with their name.


The last Karlugh Turk ruler of Pakhli Sarkar was [[Sultan Mehmud Khurd]]. One of his brothers, Sultan Qyas-ud-din, was Wali-e-Tanawal (Lower), and the Wali-e-Tanawal (Upper) was Sultan Sahwaj. His brother Sultan Muqarrab was Wali-e-Dhamtor, i.e. Rush areas of present [[Abbottabad]]. Pakhli Sarkar had two other important governorships. One in the areas between Battagram and Thakot ruled by Shamsher Khan and other of Kashmir governed by Sultan Kamal. Both of these governors were close relatives of Turk rulers of Pakhli Sarkar. At that time Kashmir was part of Hazara (Pakhli Sarkar).

The introduction of Sikh rule into Hazara, commenced after 1818. In this year Hashim Khan, Turk, of Manakrai, murdered his fellow-chieftain, Kamal Khan (Karlugh). The latter’s cause was espoused by the Tarin chief, Muhammad Khan, and to save himself Hashim Khan betrayed his country to the Sikhs. At his invitation Makhan Singh, the Sikh Governor of Rawalpindi, invaded Hazara with 500 sowars, built a fort at Serai Saleh, and levied tribute from the Haripur plain.

Karlugh Turk in Kashmir

After the loss of [[Pakhli]] state in 1703 and after 1872 settlement, nearly half of the Turk population migrated to nearby Hazara and Kashmir regions. In [[Azad Kashmir]] these migrated Turk clans are living in different villages like in [[Muzaffarabad]] they are present in Bararkot, Bheri, Lambian Pattian, Shawai, Chanjal([[Pathika]]), Madar, Kahori, Gari Dupatta, Sanweyari, Chinari, Karnah(leepa valley) and in [[Muzaffarabad]] town. In Indian-held Kashmir these clans are found in Bara Mula, Bari pura, [[Srinagar]] and other adjoining areas.
In [[Azad Kashmir]] Turks had made a non-political organisation namely “Turk Welfare Association (Reg: Azad Kashmir on May 2, 1984)”. The milestone of this organisation was laid by Raja Muhammad Yousaf Khan Turk, Fazal-ur-Rehman Khan Turk, Professor Muhammad Afsar Usmani, Raja Ayub khan Turk, Marshal Muhammad Latif Khan Turk and other elders of Turk clans from different areas in 1983. In this very first meeting, Turks from Hazara also joined and Raja Ammanullah Khan (former speaker NWFP Assembly) and Raja Muhammad Irshad Khan (author Treekh-e-Hazara) actively participated. The rks of [[Azad Kashmir]] are [[Hindko]] speaking.

Karlugh Turk Settlements

The descendants of the Karlugh Turks continue to live in the [[Hazara Division|Hazara]] area of [[Pakistan]] and [[Azad Kashmir]], mostly in the mountainous regions. They had continued to maintain a very secluded and exclusive lifestyle until the late 19th and early 20th century. According to the ”’Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 13, p. 79”’, published in 1909, some 2000 persons returned themselves as Turks, descendants of the [[Turkmen people|Turkomans]] who came with Timur in 1391. It is more probable, given the fact that most Turk villages were in the inaccessible mountainous regions at the time of 1901 census, that the actual number could be as high as around 10,000.

Currently, some of the main Karlugh Turkish villages in Hazara Division are Manakrai and Bayan in [[Haripur District]], Behali and Mohar in [[Mansehra District]] and RichhBehn in [[Abbottabad District]] and on the monutains between Pakistan and AJK along with Neelum Valley up to Patika.

Israr Turk

Qarluq / Karluk Hazaras


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  1. I am one of the turk living in hazara division of Pakistan , mostly people confuse the turks of hazara division with the hazara tribe of quetta, infact both are turkic tribes but have many differences , turks of hazara division in pakistan are karlugh turks which came from current ozbekstan to this area a long ago and ruled the area, they are sunni muslims and speak local language now , but the hazara tribe of quetta which is also turkic is shia muslim and they speak farsi or darri maybe, so difference between both of them need to be understand.

  2. I am Raja Faisal Rehman, a karlug turk from Hazara Divsion,Abbottabad, K.P.K, Pakistan. I am interested in search of my other turkmen brothers and sistier around the globe. my email is. rajafaisalrehman@gmail.com. or contact me. on +92321-8917227

  3. What differentes betwen karlugh hazara of pakistan and other hazaras

  4. differences between karlugh hazara of pakistan and other hazaras

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