The Boy Mir / Ten Years In Afghanistan


Ten years in Afghanistan.

Ten years of war and destruction and ten years of one little boy’s life.

This is Mir’s story. 

A boy of eight, growing into adulthood in one of the toughest places on earth. 

Cheeky and inquisitive, Mir takes us on a unique journey through post 9/11 Afghanistan.

Following the international hit The Boy who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan, THE BOY MIR covers not just one year but ten. It tracks the irrepressible and lovable Mir from a naïve 8-year-old to a fully grown adult. Over this decade, it not only is a journey that follows Mir as he journeys into early adulthood in one of the toughest places on earth but it a film that is unmatched in mirroring and unveiling the vitally important story of modern Afghanistan.

Since 2001, Afghanistan has seen many changes but one thing remains constant: this is an extremely turbulent country. Many thousands have been killed in attacks, largely by a resurgent Taliban. Drug lords, overseeing a booming opium trade, control private armies in the south and east. Nato currently has some 60,000 troops in the country and is heading towards 90,000. Yet, in Kabul at least the wrecked planes at the airport are gone and the dozens of destroyed buildings along the main roads have been replaced with new apartments, a shopping mall, new hotels and fancy restaurants. But even here, at the heart of international security, there have begun suicide bombings, kidnappings and mortar attacks.



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