Cooperation agreement between TURKSOY and ISESCO

Kaseinov said that they would begin working to introduce Nevruz celebrations in the Arabic world next year. 

The International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY) and Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) has signed a cooperation agreement.

In a written statement released Wednesday, TURKSOY said that the Secretary General of TURKSOY Dusen Kaseinov and Director General of ISESCO Abdulaziz Osman Altwaijri signed the cooperation agreement on April 8.

The signature ceremony for the agreement took place in Baku, Azerbaijan within the frame of an Inter-cultural Dialogue Forum.

The agreement would facilitate close cooperation between Islamic countries and countries who speak Turkish.

Kaseinov said that they would begin working to introduce Nevruz celebrations in the Arabic world next year.

Altwaijri, in his part, said that with the cooperation agreement, relations between the Islamic and Turkish worlds would get strengthened.


Signing an agreement with the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, ISESCO, The International Oranization of Turkic Culture TÜRKSOY has added yet another International Cooperation Agreement to its existing agreements.

In the ceremony held on April 8th, 2011, TÜRKSOY Secretary General Düsen Kaseinov and  ISESCO General Director Abdülaziz Osman Altwaijri, have signed the agreement which is aimed at the development and enhancement of the cooperation between the two organizations.  The signature protocol which was organized within the framework of the Cross-Cultural Dialogue Forum, was held in the Golestan Palace in Baku, Azerbaijan. The signing ceremony was attended by eminent personalities from TÜRKSOY Member countries such as the Minister of Culture of Kyrgyzstan Nurlan Şakiyev, The Ambassador of Kazakhstan in  Azerbaijan Serik Primbetov and officials from the Ministries of Culture of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

TÜRKSOY Secretary General Duysen Kaseinov  who made a speech during the signing ceremony of the agreement which aims at the strengthening of cultural ties between Muslim countries and Turkic speeking countries stressed the fact that these are very strong ties which they want to consolidate even more in cultural terms. Kaseinov added that Nevruz being a feast celebrated accross the world, thanks to the fruitful cooperation which they have now started with ISESCO,  TÜRKSOY is currently developing various projects to make these Nevruz Celebrations known to the Arab world as well next year.

ISESCO General Director Abdülaziz Osman Altwaijri, said he is happy about the signature of such an important cooperation agreement with  TÜRKSOY. Altwaijri also said he is strongly convinced that through this agreement  the existing ties between the Muslim World and the Turkic World will become even stronger in the years to come. Altwaijri who also referred to TÜRKSOY as an organization which strongly contributes to the  development of a broader knowledge about Turkic Culture around the world, congratulated TÜRKSOY for its recent works and activities  and said that this cooperation agreement is of  great importance for ISESCO as well.


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