Musā Yabḡu

the eponymous strongman of a Ḡozz clan, whose nephew Toḡrel founded the Saljuq dynasty.

MUSĀ YABḠU (Bayḡu in some sources), the son of Saljuq Sü-bašï [Sobāši], the eponymous strongman of a Ḡozz (q.v.) clan, whose nephew Toḡrel founded the Saljuq dynasty. It is debated whether his second name is Continue reading


Return To NAVAYI!

The celebration of 570th birth anniversary of the biggest Turkic Uzbek Poet, Politician and human rights Defender Nizamuddin Amir Ali Sher NAWAYE .

From : Afghanistan Students Located in Istanbul –TURKEY

Date: 28th February 2011 Continue reading

Welcome to the wisdom of Navoi!

Read the proverbs aloud, they sound even better that way. As you read them pick one that is especially meaningful for you and let it influence your life. Feel free to print them and meditate on one daily. The modern Uzbek equivalents are included. These wise-sayings of Navoi are still used every day on the streets of Uzbekistan and other parts of Central Asia.

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Mevlana I Remembered You

I became a flowing river madly,
A crashing,over flowing stream,
A sea full of waves,
An unreached ocean deep and calm,
With you, Continue reading

To Rebuild Navoi’s Tomb for 6000 USD is an insult

The latest announcement by the Afghan Government to rebuild the tomb of Amir Alisher Navoiy, an Uzbek politician, mystic, linguist and poet, who was born and lived in Herat western Afghanistan, has angered many inside and outside the country.

The campaigners against the move of the Afghan government Continue reading

The Timuries As Builders

Timur was not only a great conqueror; he was also a great builder. Whenever he laid waste to a city that stood in the path of his army, he would bring back the artisans to build his royal city of Samarqand. “There were sculptors, stone-masons and stucco-workers from Azerbaijan, Isfahan and Delhi; Mosaic-workers from Shiraz; weavers, glass-blowers and potters from Damascus – in such numbers that ‘the city was not big enough to hold them. Continue reading