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  1. Thanks for the link to Folklore Music from the Turkic World
    I have posted it on one of my Iraqi Turkmen blogs:

  2. Very interesting post, because i never though that Hazaras were related to Huns. I am an Hazara from Afghanistan and i belong to the Besud tribe.

  3. I love to see in Afghanistan,the beauty of the historic country rather than terrorism,bloodshed,cruelty,warmonger although I am Indian but I have no situation to go there truely. Many historic sculpture in Afghanistan attract me very much.There is a relation between India and Afghanistan.I am very disappointed when I saw that Taliban insurgent and rebels were destroyed Bamyan Sculpture and Buddhist Statue.I think the people of Afghanistan should know the historic value for the ancient culture and heritage,otherwise it will destroy in coming one decade,then the situation will very upset for all. So start a campaign in Afghanistan to save this heritage cultural statue.I request all 1st world country including USA to come forward and try a positive notch for this.Please stop the bloodshed.

  4. yashasin yashasin

  5. chokh gozal site va chokh mamnun

  6. Nice skills guys, but let it happen no more)
    Thanks for not doing harm.

  7. Great web site! Great information! Thanks!

  8. Dear sir

    I want to check the Afghan-Uzbek Text of (Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 1), if it needs to correct or it’s correct

    برچه آدملر ایرکین، قدر-قیمت و حقوقلرده تنگ بولیب توغیله دیلر. اولر عقل و وجدان صاحبیدیلر و بیر-بیرلری ایله برادرلرچه معامله قیلیشلری ضرور.

    Hope to hear your reply as soon as possible


  9. Best wishes. That’s a pioneering work you’re making. Turks are missing from international networks.

  10. Ассалам алейкум братья
    я готов на всех видов помощи
    Для созданию Сирийско-Туркменского Кризисного Комитета будет лучше Для Женщин и детей, сирийские туркмен.
    С именем Всевышнего Аллаха, вдохновлены под знаменем последней победы.
    Доктор Мухтар Фатих Мохамед
    Доктор Специалист по сохранению детского здоровья;
    Председатель Союза Туркменских докторов Сирии;
    Председатель Организации Сирийских Тукрмен: «Ватан»

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