Turkish drama “Hayde Bre” takes top prizes in Shanghai

A Turkish drama about an immigrant from Macedonia coping with the death of her mother and her grieving father has clinched the top prize at China’s top international film festival. Leading man Sevket Emrulla also took home best actor honors.

Organizers of the Shanghai International Film Continue reading


Karlugh Turk


Establishment of Pakhli Sarkar

Tha Karlugh Turk,having a central Asian orging,became the ruling class of (Hazara Division) Continue reading

Cooperation agreement between TURKSOY and ISESCO

Kaseinov said that they would begin working to introduce Nevruz celebrations in the Arabic world next year. 

The International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY) and Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) has signed a cooperation agreement. Continue reading

Turkish Cuisine is in a quest to conquer India

A 10-day long Turkish Cuisine Festival has started in India.

Turkish cuisine festival has started in Calcutta city of West Bengal India. The festival includes selective examples from the Turkish cuisine. Stuffed fish, mixed stuffing, green beans, shrimp and shephard salad are among the Turkish foods displayed at the festival. Continue reading

A Paradigm Shift on the Chessboard of the Afghan “Great Game”

Ever since Pakistan began lobbying against Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai’s efforts to build a long-term strategic partnership with the U.S.,urging him to look to Pakistan instead — and its Chinese ally — for help in striking a peace deal with the Taliban and rebuilding the Afghan economy, it was perceived to be Pakistan calling the shots Continue reading

Turkic world should create own Schengen area, Turkish PM says

Turkic countries should create a visa-free travel zone to enhance connections and trade, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Tuesday following the signing of an agreement to lift visa restrictions between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan.

“Turkish citizens will be able to visit Kyrgyzstan with their passports without a need for visas and vice versa. Continue reading

Hungary And Upper Karabakh

The massacre by Armenians of the Azerbaijani Turks in the Upper- Karabakh is on the agenda of the Hungarian parliament.

Hungary’s third biggest party Jobbik is the sponsor of the proposal. Continue reading

The 16th Martyrdom anniversary of shaheed Abdulali Mazari

The 16th Martyrdom anniversary of shaheed ustad Abdulali Mazari

It has been unanimously decided that all the Hazaras of the UK with collaboration of Hazara International Forum of Great Britain shall commemorate the 16th Martyrdom Anniversary of Shaheed Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari Continue reading

Afghanistan Parliament Elects House Speaker

Afghan lawmakers Sunday made it to elect head of the Afghan House of Representatives.

Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, (Uzbek Turks ethnic group) a fellow candidate from South Turkistan (northern Afghanistan)  Kunduz province, swept majority of votes in the parliament and won house speaker seat after more than a month Continue reading

Turkic world eyes ’1 nation with 6 states’

A landmark summit of Turkic-speaking countries closed on Thursday in İstanbul with participants declaring firm will for building regional peace, stability and welfare through a newly-established Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States, but not only looking after the interests of the participant states.

Along with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Continue reading

Pushing partition in Afghanistan

Is retreating from the south a solution to the stalemate?

Robert Blackwill, a former foreign policy advisor to both presidents Bush, came to London today to deliver his arguments for a de facto partition ofAfghanistan. He made his case in Washington and in the Financial Timesearlier in the summer, and appeared in London Continue reading