Welcome to the wisdom of Navoi!

Read the proverbs aloud, they sound even better that way. As you read them pick one that is especially meaningful for you and let it influence your life. Feel free to print them and meditate on one daily. The modern Uzbek equivalents are included. These wise-sayings of Navoi are still used every day on the streets of Uzbekistan and other parts of Central Asia.

Welcome to the wisdom of Navoi!

Yo’q hunari yolg’uz esa bir kishi
Qayda kishi sonida yolg’uz kishi

He who stands apart or turns his face
Deserves no place in the human race.

Ilm, Navoiy, senga maqsud bil,
Emdikim ilm o’ldi,amal aylaygil.

The the gaining of knowledge hath thy
powers been applied, Navoi;
Having gained it, let knowledge be thy
guide Navoi.

Chin so’z mo’tabar, yaxshi so’z muxtasar.

Good the speech that is graceful and distinct;
Excellent that which is truthful and succinct.

Oz-oz o’rganib dono bo’lur,
Qatra-qatra yig’ilib daryo bo’lur.

Learning is knowledge acquired in small portions,
As drops make the rivers that flow to the oceans.

Chin so’zni yolg’onga chulg’ama,
Chin ayta olur tilni yolg’ong’a bulg’ama.

Keep the tongue pure from earliest youth,
Mix not foul lies with immaculate truth.

Har kishiki qildi odamizod,
Tafakkur birla bildi odamizod.

The creations of mankind
Are the fruit of man’s mind.

Agar naf’din bo’lsa mahzan yiroq,
Aning la’lidin xora ko’p yaxshiroq.

Better the cobble that paves the way
Than a gem locked away from the light of day.

Agar tuzlik o’lsa kishining ishi,
Ne vasf aylay olgay ishini kishi.

A man who follows virtue’s ways
Hath no need of pay or praise.

Agar qilmadi el himoyat sanga,
O’zingdan kerakdir shikoyat sanga.

If, in trouble, none come to thy defence,
Thou art to blame, take no offence.

Aylar ishingga chu bo’lur dastras,
Vaqtidin o’tkarma ani bir nafas.

If thou art equal to the task in hand,
Not for a moment let fulfilment stand.

Yomon bila yaxshi orasida farqdir,
Ikki kemaning uchin tutgan g’arqdir.

Evil and rock up and down;
With feet in two boats one is sure to drown.

Izzat bermas naqdu diram borlig’i,
Kim bo’ldi tama’din kishining xorlig’i.

He who has lowered himself for gain,
Wealth can never raise up again.

Izzati haddin kam esa xo’b emas,
Xaddidin ortuq dag’i marg’ub emas.

Lack of appreciation is painful;
Over-estimation is shameful.

Izzay tilasang kam de,
Sihat tilasang kam ye.

If thou wouldst be honoured, speak less;
If thou wouldst be healthy, eat less.

Kamol et kasbkim, olam uyidin.
Senga farz o’lmagay g’amnok chiqmoq.

The only way to decrease one’s sufferings
Is to increase one’s understanding.

Mevaga mag’z o’lsa, bo’lur po’st ham,
Kimsaga ham dushman erur do’st ham.

As in fruit pit and marrow grow together,
So in life friend and foe go together.

Necha zarurat ila qolg’on chog’i,
Chin demas ersang, dema yolg’on dog’i.

To withold the truth is sometimes wise,
But never conceal the truth with lies.

Nekim qildi johilki, erdi yomon,
Tutib aksini topdim andin amon.

A fool’s efforts make the bad only worse,
Remedy the evil by doing the reverse.

Necha samar sochmoq esa shoh ishi,
Ko’proq otar tosh anga tergan kishi.

The more apples a tree has grown,
The more stones at the tree are thrown.

Bu damni orif esang yaxshi tutki, johil ishi
Yetishmagangayu o’tganga qiylu qol o’lg’ay.

Treasure the moment, it will not last;
Only the fool lives in future or past.

Davron elining jismida han jon bo’lg’il,
Ham jonlarig’a moyai darmon bo’g’il.

Of your contemporaries be the heart and soul;
Minister to sickly minds and make them whole.

Yigitlikda yig’ ilmning maxzani,
Qarilik chog’i xarg’ qilg’il ani.

Knowledge is to be hoarded in youth and
spent in age.

Yilonni kishi tutsa sar kufta,
Balodin qilur o’z yo’lin rufta.

Happy the traveller who hath
Killed the snake in the path.

Har kim ayon etsa yahshi qiliq,
Yetar yaxshiliqdin anga yaxshiliq.

Goodness is repaid in kind,
As every good man doth find.

Sabr bila ko’p bog’liq ish ochilur,
Ishda oshiqqan ko’p toyilur.

Haste leads to stumbling and delay;
Patience clears the most encumbered way.

Topsang necha shohlar uzra shahlik,
Faqr ahliga ayla xokrahlik.

Though thou be Shah of Shahs, the Holy,
Be humble and show mercy to the lowly.

Shohki ish adl ila bunyod etar,
Adli buzuq mulkni obod etar.

When justice is the corner-stone of power,
A ruined land will soon be made to flower.

G’ofil o’lma nazardin itsa aduv,
Sham’ o’chirganda yel ko’runarmu.

Beware of the foe, though not in sight;
Unseen is the wind that snuffs out the light.

Har kishikim birovga qozg’ay choh,
Tushkay ul choh uzra o’zi nogoh.

He who digs a hole for others as a snare
Himself will find entombment there.

Har kimsaki aylamas oshuqmoqni xayol,
Yofroqni ifak qilur chechak bargini bol.

He who shows patience and thoughtful design
Turns flowers into honey and grapes inti wine.

Ham so’z ila elga o’limdim najot,
Ham so’z ila o’lik tan hayot.

Words can avert calamitous strife,
Words can restore the dead to life.


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