Hungary And Upper Karabakh

The massacre by Armenians of the Azerbaijani Turks in the Upper- Karabakh is on the agenda of the Hungarian parliament.

Hungary’s third biggest party Jobbik is the sponsor of the proposal.

The Deputy-Head of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee Márton Gyöngyösi, said Armenia in its 1992 attack on the Upper Karabakh occupied one fifth of Azerbaijani lands.

Gyöngyösi said further that 613 people, mostly women and children, were massacred by the Armenians in 1992, and noted that the UN Security Council, the European Parliament, OSCE and NATO also condemned this genocide by the Armenians.

The problems of 1 million refugees are still unresolved, Gyöngyösi said, adding that the international community, while showing close attention in some tragedies is somehow ignoring the tragic plight of Azerbaijani Turks.

The main opposition party Jobbik Party in Hungary, positioned on the right of the political spectrum, also made an appeal to the Hungarian parliament to fulfill its historical responsibility and condemn Armenia’s attacks on Azerbaijan.

Azerbaycan’da Ermenilerin Yaptığı Katliamlar


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