Return To NAVAYI!

The celebration of 570th birth anniversary of the biggest Turkic Uzbek Poet, Politician and human rights Defender Nizamuddin Amir Ali Sher NAWAYE .

From : Afghanistan Students Located in Istanbul –TURKEY

Date: 28th February 2011

Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Place: Kazlichashma Cultural Center

Add: Kazlichashma Locale – Abay Avenue .No : 165 Zeytinburnu – Istanbul TURKEY

Know, all humankind: The greatest curse is enmity; the greatest blessing – amity.

Mind, ye peoples of the Earth, Enmity is an evil state.

Live in friendship, one and all – Man can have no kinder fate

He, who knows knowledge but applies not,

is like those who plow the land and, seeds plant not.

( Ali Sher NAVAYI )

M. Ömer Faryabi


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