95 Taliban Join Peace and Reintegration Process in Jawzjan

Shibirghan (22 Jan) – 95 members of Taliban operating in Kosh Tepah and Derzab districts of Jawzjan Province have surrendered their weapons and joined the peace and reintegration process on 22 January. According to the Provincial Government sources, 55 of the insurgents are from Derzab and 40 from Kosh Tepah.

Key leaders and community elders welcomed the insurgents during a ceremony held in the premises of the Provincial Governor’s Office. Turkish and Swedish PRTs were also present. 40 insurgents from Kosh Tepah district have arrived in the Provincial Governor’s Office on their motorbikes, waving an Afghan flag, while 55 potential reintegrees remain in Derzab for the moment.

After the insurgents have handed over their weapons, Governor Aleem Saaiedelivered a welcoming speech, encouraging the rest of the insurgents to follow the same path. Mawlavi Hay Hayat, Chair of the Provincial Shura, also addressed the insurgents. Speaking in response, the commander of the insurgent group confessed the brutal tactics of Taliban and expressed regret for the “grave mistake” of joining them in the first place, which, he declared, was a necessity to protect their families rather than a choice.

Derzab and neighbouring Kosh Tepah districts have been safe haven for the insurgency in Jawzjan for a long time. The first group of 4 insurgents joined the peace and reintegration process in Fayzabad district of Jawzjan about a week ago. More insurgents are expected to lay their arms and join the reintegration process in Jawzjan.

For further information, contact Mr. Amruddin Gurban

Press & Public Relations Officer, PRT Jawzjan

mobile: + 93-799-415 301

e-mail: prtjawzjan-po@cevizcanprt.org


Photos by Amruddin Gurban

Reintegrees deliver their weapons to Governor Saaie.

Weapons include Kalashnikovs and RPGs.

Mawlavis rewarded them with new clothes.


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