Messes of Karzai in Afghanistan

Via his decisions the president of Afghanistan clearly gives this message:

“I can do whatever I wish to do. I do not have any other care or concern; I don’t care about international law, International Court of Justice, Untied Nations, local values or the opinions and rights of the local people…

If I can reach my goals by appliying diplomatic methods, I will use them. If I need to use force to reach my goals, then I will do it. (USA)

These behaviours of Karzai show that he is deaf to the scream of Afghan People, their historic and local assets and now he left Afghan people with his mess all alone.

Karzai’s behaviors remind us of the declaration that US Chief of Staff Richard Myers made on 23 July 2001. He expresses the policy that USA runs in Central Asia in these sentences: “We think broadly. Afghanistan is only a little piece. There has been a masterplan since the Second world War. I believe it is going to be a long and tiring war.” These phrases of Myers declared that this war would be a permanent one in Afghanistan; so did it and it looks like it will last long.

In this case, to question the identity of Karzai is meaningless. Because even if we wish to question the identity of Karzai, we cannot go beyond his understanding which is composed of the values he brough from USA and old foundational principles. What are these foundational principles that Karzai often declares:

If we question these principals, we cannot go beyond the concepts of  freedom, equality and democracy. How far can we realize and apply them? There is not other thing to talk about. Now even he has problems with remembering and understanding these principals.

Karzai who talks about equality during election times has not given any chairs in the council of ministers to citizens of Turkish origin (Uzbeks, Turkmans, Khazars)

Karzai who gives so-called democracy messages appointed the governer who had the soldiers open random fire to the public on 7 Cawza (28 May). The governer was recognized and appointed to another city as the governer.

Although Taliban does not spend a single day in Afghanistan, Karzai wanted their names deleted on the black list. These show that Karzai and the government rules the country paradoxically.

To claim that there is no any other statesman who refuses the science of logic and whose statements and behaviours contrast at this level will be appropriate.

People who define the concept of logic say: “As the mind works, şt has to follow some rules. For example “the principle of noncontradiction” which means “something cannot exist and absent in the same moment.” But when you study what Karzai says and do, you can see that something can exist and absent in the same moment such as “equaility.”

The primary bindings that put people in Afghanistan together have been their history, common values and the most important of all has been the principal of equality or it is supposed so. But now the idea of codding people with money and feeding his own connections has taken the place of those high and common values.

Karzai and his men and all the other ministers are codded with money and they increase their money in every chance. Which shows that their only motivation is money and they are greedy and people know about it very well. Their spoilt minds which think that they know everything well are busy with investing in foreign countries.

Karzai whose managing mentality which is not equalitarian and have freedom has already been recorded in the history as the black face of Afghanistan.

Asadullah Hamnava / GünTürk

Gazi University Master Of International Relations Student

Ankara / Turkey

Turkish >  Afganistan’da Karzai’in Marifetleri

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