Turkish Language Must Be Official Language In Iran

Iran Is Not Persia

Iran, like it´s neighbours such Iraq and Afghanistan, is a multi national and multi cultural society.

Inside Iran, whether it be Persians (also reffered to as the Fars), Azerbaijanis Turks (also reffered to as Azerbaijani Turks), Kurds, Lurs, Balochis, Arabs, Turkmens, Gilanis, or any other nation or ethnic group, are all living inside a country that is opressing all of it´s citizens and taking away their rights as individuals.

However, the non-Persians, many of whom in the last 76 years have assimilated into state sponsored Persian culture and have abandoned their native heritage and language, are dealing with twice as much injustice and opression as the Persians. Every nation on earth whether they number 30,000 or 30,000000, has the right to self-determination and is granted certain rights by even the most undemocratic, backward and totalitarian regimes which exist in the world today.Even in Afghanistan, a country that is far less developed socially, economically and strategically than Iran, nation living within the borders of this country have more national rights than 65% non-Persian population of Iran.

God bless all people of Iran in their fight against Persian chauvinism and Persian racism.


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