Eurovision 2009

EurovisionAlexander Rybak won the competition with his song Fairytale, gaining 387 points.

The 54th Eurovision Song Contest was held on Saturday night in the Russian capital Moscow.

Finalists from 25 countries performed their songs at Olympisky Hall in Moscow on Saturday night and nearly 22 thousand people gathered there to watch them.

Spectacular shows featured high-energy pop and tear-jerking ballads.

The winner of the competition was picked by a combination of telephone voting and official juries from national broadcasters in the 42 nations that originally took part.

Norway came first with a record high point, carrying the contest to its capital Oslo for the next year.

Turkey came in the 4th place with Hadise’s song “Düm Tek Tek”.

Here is the top 4: 1.Norway  2.Iceland  3.Azerbaijan  4. Turkey

1. Norveç: Alexander Rybak, “Fairytale”

2. Izlanda, Yohanna, “Is It True?”

3. Azerbaycan Aysel ve Arash, “Always”

4. Türkiye: Hadise, “Düm Tek Tek”


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