Training for Afghanistanis Doctors in Turkey

Training for Afghanistanis Doctors in Turkey

The doctors working in the hospitals and clinics managed by TİKA (Turkish Internnational Cooperation And Development Agency) in South Turkistan  North Afghanistan have come to Turkey for a training program. 40 Afghanistani health staff working in the Afghanistan-Turk Friendship Hospitals in Meymene and Şibirgan  and in the clinics of Talokan were given a one month training course in the related branches of various hospitals in Ankara.

The delegation,  composed of Afghanistani health professionals, was provided theoretical knowledge regarding surgery and internal medicine first, then obstetrics and gynecology, infancy and dentistry. The visiting staff also had an opportunity to watch the working systems of Turkish doctors. The Afghani delegation visited the TİKA Presidency after completing their training in Turkey successfully. In a ceremony, each participant was presented with a certificate of merit by the TİKA Vice President Metin Arslanbaş.

In his speech, TİKA Vice President Metin Arslanbaş stated that “our co-operation will continue as it has been in the past. Our aim is to determine the needs of a friend and brother country to Turkey and to continue our support, especially in the health sector. We will be happy when we see you successfully apply, in your own country, the experience and knowledge you received in the Turkish training program.

Representing the Afghanistani doctors, Dr. Akbarabhar stated that “it was evident that there are equipment problems in Afghanistan. We had the opportunity to see and to learn how to use the various medical equipments during our stay in Turkey. We wish that this kind of programs will continue in the future”. The program ended following the presentation of certificates to the participants.


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